Haku Monogatari - Gameplay [Open World MMORPG] [CBT] [JP] Android/IOS

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"Haku Monogatari" is a Japanese-style fantasy adventure role-playing mobile game developed by the newly-developed mobile game research and development company Nashi. Japanese animation-like rendering style, with the Japanese music team's dubbing effect, a huge world view around the seven races, free maze adventures and resources to explore, and easily enjoy this unknown world life with friends.

[Background Story]
In the continent of Krashir, under the protection of the world tree, the seven kings carried their war with the monsters for a long time. The will of the world tree - the goddess of white and the seven kings created an eternal enchantment, and from then on, the magic object was turned away. After this peace has continued for many years.
When people gradually get used to this kind of life, suddenly one day, the eternal enchantment is no longer eternal, and countless magical creatures from chaos swarmed and reignited the war. When she realized this, the White Goddess discovered that the world tree was decaying, and that her omnipotence was no longer effective when she was deeply connected with the world tree. When things have not reached irreparable, the White Goddess urgently collects the brave men from all sides, gives the creator the power to detect the cause of the decay of the world tree...

[Game Features]

◆Adventure (ぼうけん)

the power of creation - - You play the brave abilities of the creator, explore the unknown world, find mysterious materials, recreate ancient artifacts, solve the interlocking puzzles, and find out why the world tree is defeated.

Freelance - change the profession according to the weapon of the equipment, the guardian, the savage swordsman, the sharpshooter, the magician, the priesthood, the five basic occupations freely switch. The adventurous team builds freedom and freely adjusts your team according to the maze's strategy.

Free trading - all the rewards and treasures of adventure can be freely traded with other players. The real free market big world is no longer a stand-alone adventure world, hard work to get the equivalent return, all the world's items are freely available.

Free adventure - no main line of traditional role-playing stories, no longer being tied. Fragmented tasks, enjoy the game story anytime, anywhere, and gradually build the truth of the world.

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Android: coming soon
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IOS: coming soon
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